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If it’s pulling the login page data from CMC, something is wrong along with your URL or HTTP headers. It is documented in CoinMarketCap’s documentation, not this tutorial. Can you show how to get either BTC into Excel in Euros, or, show how to get the USD/EUR FX rate into excel. RapidAPI is the world’s largest API market with over 1,000,000 builders and 10,000 APIs. Crypto APIs helps BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH & is engaged on EOS and XRP.

coinmarketcap api not working

Instead, they provide every day transparency reviews, listing the whole quantity of their asset reserves and liabilities, the latter comparable to the amount of USDT in circulation. However, through the years, there have been a selection of controversies concerning the validity of Tether’s claims about their USD reserves, at instances disrupting USDT’s price, which went down as little as $0.88 at one point in its historical past. Many have raised issues about the truth that Tether’s reserves have never been absolutely audited by an impartial third get together.

How Many Tether Usdt Coins Are There In Circulation?

The Casper platform is designed to boost the adoption of blockchain know-how, smart contracts, and DApps on a worldwide scale. Any analytics company can build an application to question subgraph data that’s indexed by The Graph. Subgraphs are open APIs to be able to pull data from the blockchain in the most seamless and efficient method. Other than working on Tether, Craig Sellars has been a member of the Omni Foundation for over six years. Its Omni Protocol allows customers to create and trade smart-contract based properties and currencies on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain. Sellars has additionally worked in several other cryptocurrency companies and organizations, similar to Bitfinex, Factom, Synereo and the MaidSafe Foundation.

Indexers earn indexing rewards and question fees, whereas Curators earn a portion of question fees for the subgraphs they signal on. Delegators earn a portion of income earned by the Indexer they delegate to. The Graph is working to convey dependable decentralized public infrastructure to the mainstream market.

Brock Pierce is a nicely known entrepreneur who has co-founded numerous high-profile initiatives within the crypto and leisure industries. In 2013, he co-founded a enterprise capital agency Blockchain Capital, which by 2017 had raised over $80 million in funding. In 2014, Pierce turned the director of the Bitcoin Foundation, a nonprofit established to assist enhance and promote Bitcoin. Pierce has additionally co-founded, the company behind EOS, one of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market. The CoinMarketCap API is a cryptocurrency buying and selling API that gives access to market cap rankings, charts, and more.

By relying on the PoS consensus, Casper ensures scalability and database management options. Casper and the CSPR token are the outcome of years of research by CasperLabs. The Casper Network relies on a PoS consensus mechanism for its network security. PoS is dependent upon token staking to select node validators, which allows the consensus to be extraordinarily versatile and scalable. Unlike the proof-of-work consensus used by the Bitcoin blockchain, PoS doesn’t require big quantities of electrical or computing power to carry out validations and to add new blocks to the chain. Further, CasperLabs exists to offer enterprise-level providers and assist for organizations constructing on the Casper Network, similar to how Red Hat supports organizations constructing inside the Linux ecosystem.

Who Are The Founders Of Tether?

USDT’s unique feature is the fact that its value is assured by Tether to remain pegged to the united states dollar. According to Tether, each time it points new USDT tokens, it allocates the identical quantity of USD to its reserves, thus ensuring that USDT is totally backed by cash and cash equivalents. Originally launched in July 2014 as Realcoin, a second-layer cryptocurrency token constructed on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain by way of the use of the Omni platform, it was later renamed to USTether, after which, finally, to USDT. In addition to Bitcoin’s, USDT was later up to date to work on the Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Algorand, and OMG blockchains. I.e. I actually have an inventory of coins in Excel that I need pricing on, but the list changes and I don’t need to need to update the API call each time. This cryptocurrency site lets you compare cryptocurrencies and trading prices.

Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. It’s such a great tutorial, but I get caught within the loading data step. How can we import data of all cryptocurrencies since CMC limits the data to 100 for 1 query…thank you. Then, you can configure auto-refresh within the properties by checking the “Refresh every” box and setting the frequency.

If you might be utilizing Excel 2013 or prior, you’ll need to put in Power Query before trying these steps. Half (50%) of the whole AGI supply was sold throughout SingularityNET’s 2017 ICO. The innovative coinmarketcap hot Correct-by-Construction Casper specification is a remarkable feature of the network. This specification permits for the rapid adoption of blockchain companies on all enterprise ranges.

coinmarketcap api not working

The team behind SingularityNET has hinted that SingularityNET may move to a different blockchain in the future, and recently introduced it was exploring the possibility of launching on the delegated proof-of-stake Cardano blockchain. This means it’s backed by the Ethereum proof-of-work consensus algorithm and battle-tested network of tens of 1000’s of nodes and miners. To date, the Ethereum network has never been successfully attacked and is considered one of the secure networks at present operating. SingularityNET has an intensive team largely of AI scientists, builders, researchers and engineers.


The Graph currently supports indexing data from Ethereum, IPFS and POA, with extra networks coming soon. Next, create the proper tables using the question editor from the returned data. Because this takes many clicks, please check with the video below to information you. The circulate is actually to click on into data, we will disregard the status object. Then, convert to table by clicking Into Table as that is already the purpose we are going to see the list of quotes.

  • GRT is a work token that’s locked-up by Indexers, Curators and Delegators so as to provide indexing and curating services to the network.
  • In addition to Bitcoin’s, USDT was later up to date to work on the Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Algorand, and OMG blockchains.
  • Does the Query editor open with the login web page data from CMC or there might be an Excel login page?
  • Casper is a unique utilization of blockchain know-how and the proof-of-stake consensus technique.
  • It’s such a fantastic tutorial, but I get caught within the loading data step.

The AGI token is out there to trade on several prominent exchange platforms, together with Binance, KuCoin, and HitBTC. It’s additionally obtainable on two of the most popular DEXs — Uniswap and Balancer. Currently, the only obtainable buying and selling pairs for AGI are AGI/BTC, AGI/ETH, and AGI/WETH. Through the SingularityNET market, customers can browse, check and buy an enormous variety of AI providers using the platform’s native utility token — AGI. Moreover, the marketplace represents an outlet AI builders can use to publish and sell their AI tools, and easily track their efficiency. Launched on mainnet on March 30, 2021, Casper is the primary live proof-of-stake blockchain built off the Casper CBC specification.


The acknowledged function of USDT is to combine the unrestricted nature of cryptocurrencies — which can be sent between customers without a trusted third-party intermediary — with the stable value of the US dollar. Sorry but i’ve by no means carried out it and want to have this coins according to price refreshed every kmd coin market cap 30 minutes. Does the Query editor open with the login web page data from CMC or there is an Excel login page? For the Excel login page, often you only want to choose anonymous. If excel isn’t exhibiting an nameless choice, just start again with a contemporary workbook.

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Institutional Digital Asset Infrastructure Advances.

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To ensure economic security of The Graph Network and the integrity of knowledge being queried, members use Graph Token . GRT is a work token that’s locked-up by Indexers, Curators and Delegators to be able to provide indexing and curating providers to the network. The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying data for networks like Ethereum and IPFS, powering many applications in both DeFi and the broader Web3 ecosystem. Anyone can construct and publish open APIs, known as subgraphs, that purposes can query utilizing GraphQL to retrieve blockchain data. There is a hosted service in manufacturing that makes it easy for builders to get began constructing on The Graph and the decentralized network will be launching later this 12 months.


Since then, she has sent the past two decades delivering manufacturing SaaS software program for main corporations such as Adobe, Omniture, and Avalara. In addition to her technical proficiencies, Medha’s strengths include constructing high functioning technical groups and provoking them to ship solutions that solve buyer issues. The founders have engineering backgrounds and have worked together for 5-8 years. Tal and Ramirez studied electrical engineering at USC and labored together at MuleSoft, an API developer tools company that underwent an IPO and sold to SalesForce.

Then, expand the value record by clicking the two arrows on the header and examine off something you have an interest in. In this case, I just need the quote so I solely broaden that and keep increasing information as lengthy as you want to get the information you want. The CoinMarketCap Pro API is a superb supply for cryptocurrency data on current and historical prices, exchange info and extra. If it’s your want to use Excel to import CoinMarketCap API data, and have it up to date live, look no further. In this text, I will present you how to use a query to import current prices into Excel and have them up to date often using the methods shown in the Import JSON Data in Excel article. Be aware that this works best with Excel 2016 or larger, and doesn’t work with Excel for Mac.


Casper is a singular utilization of blockchain know-how and the proof-of-stake consensus technique. Because of its completely decentralized strategy, the network is extremely versatile in terms of use circumstances. Not only that, Casper boasts a future-proof design, with upgradeable smart contracts and predictable gas fees for transactions. Additionally, Casper is introducing a new standard for blockchain energy consumption, and is 136,000% extra energy-efficient than Bitcoin. There is not any hard-coded limit on the total supply of USDT — given the fact that it belongs to a non-public company, theoretically, its issuance is limited solely by Tether’s own policies. However, because Tether claims that each single USDT is supposed to be backed by one U.S. dollar, the amount of tokens is limited by the company’s precise cash reserves.

The famously high volatility of the crypto markets signifies that cryptocurrencies can rise or fall by 10-20% inside a single day, making them unreliable as a store of value. Reeve Collins was the CEO of Tether for the primary two years of its existence. Prior to that, he had co-founded a number of profitable firms, such as the web ad network Traffic Marketplace, entertainment studio RedLever and playing website Pala Interactive. As of 2020, Collins is heading SmarMedia Technologies, a advertising and advertising tech company.


The live Tether price today is $1.00 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $49,841,393,201 USD. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3, with a live market cap of $62,405,057,506 USD. It has a circulating supply of sixty two,373,875,280 USDT coins and the max. GRT shall be an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, used to allocate assets in the network. Active Indexers, Curators and Delegators can earn revenue from the network proportional to the quantity of labor they carry out and their GRT stake.

Since the total supply is mounted at 1 billion tokens, AGI does not have any inflation. As of February 2021, a total of 861.5 million AGI tokens representing 86% of the whole supply have been in circulation. Check out Uniswap — the governance token for the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Simone Giacomelli is an entrepreneur and investor that beforehand worked for crypto consultancy Cryptodex. He left the SingularityNET project in March 2019 and is now focused on the know-how R&D lab Vulpem, which he founded in 2015. Dr. Ben Goertzel is an established determine within the AI and robotics business and has a protracted distinguished track document of working with advanced know-how companies — including Hanson Robotics and the OpenCog Foundation.

coinmarketcap api not working

SingularityNET is a blockchain-powered platform that permits anybody to easily “create, share, and monetize” AI providers, due to its globally-accessible AI marketplace. Total GRT supply at mainnet launch might be 10 billion tokens, with an initial circulating supply of ~1,245,666,867 GRT. New token issuance in the form of indexing rewards will start at 3% annually and is subject to future technical governance by The Graph Council.

You can examine GRT token economics here and distribution data here. They previously co-founded a developer tools startup collectively and have spent a good portion of their careers working to optimize the API stack. At their last startup, the founders built a customized framework on an immutable database referred to as Datomic.

You can even select to have the info updated each time the file is opened. Keep in thoughts that on the Basic plan, CoinMarketCap solely allows 300 requests per day so refreshing more usually isn’t necessarily better should you don’t require frequent refreshes for your functions. Make sure your cursor is on a cell within the table if the Connection Properties button is greyed out. Once you click Close & Load in the query editor, you must see the information in Excel as a table.


The portion of seigniorage estimated to be allocated to the released tokens above thus far. Medha is among the co-founders of CasperLabs and serves as its CTO. She started working with know-how in the early 80’s, building computers in her basement.

The Graph was born from this vision to create immutable APIs and data entry, utilizing the GraphQL question language. The Graph has a worldwide community, including over 200 Indexer Nodes within the testnet and more coinmarketcap trac than 2,000 Curators within the Curator Program as of October 2020. The Graph Foundation also successfully accomplished a public GRT Sale with participation from 99 nations (not together with the U.S.).


They have trades, quotes and collecting data to 100+ Crypto Exchanges. It has a lot more exchanges built-in, plus blockchain endpoints. Now you’re ready to begin integrating the CoinMarketCap API into your crypto application or website.

USDT is a stablecoin (stable-value cryptocurrency) that mirrors the value of the us dollar, issued by a Hong Kong-based company Tether. The token’s peg to the USD is achieved via sustaining a sum of dollars in reserves that is the identical as the variety of USDT in circulation. If you wish to know the place to buy Tether, the highest exchanges for buying and selling in Tether are currently Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, FTX, and ZBG.


He also works as Mozi Health’s chief scientist and vice chairman for Humanity+. If you want to know where to buy SingularityNET, the top exchanges for buying and selling in SingularityNET are at present Binance, KuCoin, Pionex, CoinDCX, and ATOMARS. If you would like to know the place to buy Casper, the top exchanges for buying and selling in Casper are presently OKEx, Huobi Global, ZBG, BitZ, and If you want to know where to buy The Graph, the highest exchanges for trading in The Graph are currently Binance, OKEx, Huobi Global, CoinTiger, and FTX. Moreover, Tether doesn’t disclose its issuance schedules forward of time.

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