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DODO routinely adjusts market prices to have the ability to attract arbitrage that may assist keep liquidity provider portfolios stable. DODO positions itself as some of the competitive liquidity providers that offers very low transaction fees and price slippage by way of its PMM algorithm, first conceived in April 2020. DODO also attracts new crypto tasks with a free listing as an Initial DODO Offering .

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Who’re The Founders Of Dodo?

The PMM pricing mechanism, which mimics human buying and selling, utilizes oracles to gather extremely accurate market prices for belongings. It then provides sufficient liquidity close to those prices in order to stabilize the portfolios of liquidity suppliers , lower price slippage and negate impermanent loss by permitting arbitrage buying and selling as reward. Liquidity providers are not required to make a minimal best coinmarketcap deposit and are not restricted on the kind of asset they provide. LPs can create their own trading pairs, deposit their very own tokens to negate price threat and likewise gather a portion of DODO transaction fees as rewards. The PMM collects funds near market prices to ascertain sufficient liquidity, which drops rapidly the additional the price strikes from the market price.

Arbitrageurs also can benefit from price differences between DODO and other exchanges. The live DODO price today is $1.63 USD with a 24-hour buying and selling volume of $19,729,568 USD. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #177, with a live market cap of $180,500,543 USD.


It has a circulating supply of 110,551,965 DODO coins and a max. DODO can now be traded on the centralized exchanges, L Bank and BiKi, in addition to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap V2, Mooniswap and Dodo. You can discover others listed on our crypto exchanges page. The team claims their PMM algorithm provides superior pricing over that of AMM competitor Uniswap as a result coin market cap 2018 of a flatter price curve. DODO’s smart contract operates as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. DODO also caters for new crypto projects with a free ICO listing through its Initial DODO Offering which requires issuers to only deposit their own tokens.

Unlike AMM protocols, DODO does not require quote tokens, and IDO projects solely must deposit their very own tokens to the liquidity pool, after which the PMM creates its own ask-side depth. To start an IDO, a project must solely set the oracle price to a continuing. This ensures more favorable pricing, larger fund utilization and decreased price slippage, single risk exposure and no impermanent loss . DODO is a on-chain liquidity provider, which leverages the Proactive Market Maker algorithm to offer pure on-chain and contract-fillable liquidity. DODO is a next-generation on-chain liquidity provider, which leverages the Proactive Market Maker algorithm to offer pure on-chain and contract-fillable liquidity for everyone. For traders, DODO presents enough liquidity corresponding to that of centralized exchanges , which can be natively used by smart contracts for on-chain transactions similar to liquidation and auctions.

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